Welcome to Estee PoleArt šŸ™‚

This is a place where I share my love for pole dance and my personal progress…
which is kinda slow but still very joyful.

I am very happy and exited because I finally started making my own NAME FINDER šŸ™‚

The name finder is very similar to a pole dictionary. The aim of the name finder is – to make it easier to find the name of a certain trick by having all the info in one place. I am building a collection of tricks divided by type and difficulty. I am adding a photo and all the names I know for each trick. It will take a bit of time until the name finder gets fully updated. To enter the name finder you can use the quick access gallery bellow or use the navigation in my main menu on the left šŸ™‚


Here is one of my favorite music videos featuring pole dancing šŸ™‚



And here is a list of the tricks performed in the video:

1:16 – Fireman Spin
1:17 –Ā Emotion Catcher Sit
1:19 –Ā Hollywood Spin
1:21 – Aerial Helicopter Invert – from 2 different angles
1:22 – Allegra (my favorite still not there yet)
1:23 – Jade Variation
1:25 – Butterfly to Ayesha / Twisted Grip Handspring
1:28 – Iron X
1:31 – Hollywood Spin
1:32 –Ā Aerial Helicopter Invert
1:33 –Ā Emotion Catcher Sit
1:34 – Allegra to Jade Variation
1:37 –Ā Emotion Catcher Sit ending
1:39 – Egg / Drama Queen
1:41 –Ā Emotion Catcher Sit extended legs
1:43 – Butterfly
1:50 – Variation of Bird of Paradise Down
1:52 – Hollywood to Fireman Spin
1:57-Ā Emotion Catcher Sit
2:37 – Reverse Grab Spin
2:41 – Attitude Spin Variation
2:45 – will have to look up this spin forgot the name
2:47 –Ā Reverse Grab Spin
2:51 – SameĀ Reverse Grab Spin mirrored in post-production
2:54Ā  – Attitude Spin Variation
3:04 – Iron X
3:07 – SHOULDER MOUNT !!! (still don’t know how is that move even possible)
3:31 –Ā Aerial Helicopter Invert
3:41 – One Handed Flag Elbow Grip
3:50 – Back Attitude Spin Elbow Grip
3:55 -Elbow grip Side Spin
3:56 – Gemini
3:58 – Box Split – this is also the thumbnail